Sunday school

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Adult Class

 Adult Sunday School Teacher: Don Hilton

The adult Sunday School class meets in the fellowship hall on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. The class has a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Class participation is highly encouraged and the adults enjoy learning the word of God while also enjoying their time together.

We encourage you to try out our class but remember to bring your smile as we love to learn and laugh.



Preschool Sunday School Teacher: Nancy Harrell

The Preschool class meets in the nursery on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. Ms. Harrell makes learning about Jesus fun. While the class gives parents an opportunity to participate in their own class our goal is to introduce children to Jesus in the most loving way we can. 


Grade K-3rd

Grade K-3rd Sunday School Teacher: Donna Kirkwood

The K-3rd class meets in a classroom just off of the fellowship hall. As soon as you walk through the door you can tell that things are happening here. There are lots of ladybugs on the walls and happy kids learning about Jesus. Donna is a wonderful teacher and did we mention that she love kids?

Come try out this class. It’s a great place to learn.

Grades 4th-6th

Grades 4th-6th Sunday School Teacher: Karen Burgoon

This class meets upstairs and is led by an awesome teacher these young people are fired up about serving God and serving others. They may be young but they have quickly become an outspoken group in the church. Their prayers are humble and striking and their love is evident.

Looking to get your kids motivated? Then this is the class.


Grades 7th-12th

Grade 7th-12th Sunday School Teachers: Becca & Bud Edens

This class meets upstairs and has nearly 900 sq ft of space and they use every inch of it. It’s a relaxing environment with a couch and chairs where learning is both fun and unique. Becca has a blended way of presenting the gospel message to teenagers and the teens love their teacher.

If your teens are reluctant to go to Sunday School Becca & Bud will make them feel at home.

College -age 30

College Career- age 18-30 Sunday School Teachers: Joe & Shaunna Lasley

The College- age 18-30 class is a cool place to hang out and learn more about Christ. Upon entering this class it is apparent that these people mean business. They love the Lord and are working on some really interesting ways to reach other college aged student.

The leaders of this class are preparing their students to move into leadership positions in the church. Real life teaching and preparing these young adults to live out their faith in the world is top priority.

Adult Class #2 Sunday School Teacher: James & Samantha Jarboe

This class is an alternative class to our regular Adult Sunday School.